EV connector

Characteristics and precautions of EV connector products

Types of EV connector products.A standard 5.5mm plug.Power cable with a high-profile connector. Most carmakers have them.A 5.5mm plug that has one end connected as an AC. This is called a DC power plugPower cable that has a low-profile connector. This is a DC power cableA 15mm standard power connector for a car.A 15mm standard power connector for another car. If you plug a 2.1mm to a1 get the 5V power, then you have a 2.1mm to 5v cable.If you are making a DC power cable, then for a normal 5.5mm, connect it to a high-profilecoax, such as that of a car, and plug it into a 15mm power connector, since it will have a lower profile.But in fact a5.

Features and functions of wind power connector products

Wind power connector products is a connector connecting the mains electric system with the wind turbine. They're used in countries where direct current (DC) electricity is currently not available. Because wind is a relatively new technology, people in the area use wires that connect the mains to the wind turbine but they're still electrically connected with traditional cables since the wind may still blow for several weeks or more before the turbine produces electricity. Wind energy can then be used by consumers that still have electricity and this power grid can function.

How to choose EV connector product manufacturer

When we select EV connector manufacturers, we recommend that you first try to search and collect relevant information by yourself. We also need to make choices based on some market needs and the funds that need to be invested. Generally, select brands with high reputation and quality.

What are the characteristics of EV connector

With the increasing power of the electric drive unit of new energy vehicles, the requirements for on-board connectors are also getting higher and higher. The new energy vehicle R&D team of AVIC Optoelectronics keeps up with market demand and launched a new generation of on-board high-voltage interlocking low-current connector-EV connector. Although it is small in size, it has complete functions and high cost performance. The selected materials all meet the RoHS requirements For electrical connections between motor controllers, PDUs, air conditioners and PTC equipment.

EV connector suppliers will show you: the advantages of EV connectors

EV connector suppliers tell you that EV connectors and cables are designed to meet electric vehicle (EV) applications, from charging to motor control and power distribution.
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